Why Bother Praying?


If God Knows Everything... If it is true that God knows our needs (see Bible Dictionary, "Prayer,")  before we even ask for them - and I have no reason to doubt this, as

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Help Thou My Unbelief


I Believe; Help Thou My Unbelief In Mark 9:17-24 we read the story of the father who was likely at his wits' end of what to do for his son. This humble father pleads

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Whose Side I’m On


These are divisive times My social media feed is a mess of opposites right now. I see on one side women celebrating the peaceful, love-filled marches they participated in over the weekend, and on

Whose Side I’m On2017-07-12T11:03:45-07:00

Greater Love Than This


There is a scene in Call the Midwife (Season 1, Episode 3) about a woman who is well past prime childbirth years. Her husband, also fairly long in the tooth, is beyond excited for the

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Be Patient with Yourself


"Be patient with yourself," my friend told me one day as I expressed frustration at things not moving fast enough toward fulfilling a personal goal. "Okay," I said agreeably. But then as I thought about

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Why We Need Added Upon


We have a new website here! Woot! Woot! As we introduced this website and "previewed" it with several friends, for the most part, we got one of two responses: This is just what

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