All Things Denote There Is a God


Evidence of God Is Everywhere  God Is Everywhere"... all things denote there is a God; yea, even the earth, and all things that are upon the face of it, yea, and its motion, yea,

All Things Denote There Is a God2017-03-23T14:10:38-08:00

The Power of Words to Create


The Power of Words The Power of Words in the Creation Process What power do words have? And what do words have to do with the the power of creation? First, the power

The Power of Words to Create2017-07-10T21:33:57-08:00

Eyes to See: Road to Emmaus


Eyes to See The story of the disciples traveling to Emmaus after Jesus' resurrection is a great scriptural example of developing eyes to see.   Read Luke 24:30-32; 45. Under what conditions can

Eyes to See: Road to Emmaus2017-03-21T09:06:54-08:00

Make Your Intentions Known


Make Your Intentions Known Use Your Blinker Recently I attended a youth standards night where the dynamic speaker said, "When we teach our kids how to drive, we have one rule:

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Circus Life Lessons, Part 1


Juggling Acrobats     The Circus I saw a Broadway version of a circus the other night, called Circus 1903. (If it ever comes to a venue near you, go see it;

Circus Life Lessons, Part 12017-07-10T21:42:48-08:00