Lest Thou Forget


Memorial Day Memorial Day is a set apart day for us to remember those who have offered the ultimate sacrifice of their life to defend a cherished possession: our freedom. People much more

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Learning to Soar Upwards


Soaring Hawk I work on the 18th floor of a 22-story building. (Twenty-one, if you don't count the 13th floor.) Despite a horrible "open" seating arrangement, there's a window about three paces from

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When Is a Testimony?


When Did You First "Get" a Testimony? Our lesson in Relief Society last week was from the Gordon B. Hinckley manual, "The Precious Gift of Testimony." The teacher asked a question that I've

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Shadows Big Enough for God to Move In


Poetry and the Divine I was introduced to a beautiful poem the other day by German poet Rainer Maria Rilke (1875-1926). I can’t stop reading it, and thinking about the truths it contains. I

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Thoughts on Motherhood from Not-a-Mother


Happy Mother's Day? Recently there was a funny post by a well known author making its rounds on social media. It humorously addressed the seeming expectations of modern women to be the perfect mothers. The

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Key to Talents and Blessings


Parable of the Talents I’ve been thinking about the Parable of the Talents from Matthew 25:14-30, and I have started to see layers in it I hadn't before.  Though the talents in this

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Embrace Failure


Embrace Failure   Peter's Failure On the last night of Jesus' life, he tells Peter (in Matthew 26:33-34, 74-75) that Peter will betray Him before the sun rises the next morning. Peter cannot

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Grant Space for Mortals to be Humans


Mortals Are Human, Too "Certainly those who are less spiritually mature may indeed make serious mistakes—yet none of us should be defined only by the worst thing we have ever done." (2016–A:33, Kevin

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