Lessons from My Daughter – Become As a Little Child

My Daughter, My Teacher

My daughter charges towards the waves: arms waving, giggling, ready to throw herself into the depths of the ocean, trusting that her Daddy is behind her to keep her safe. I snap a picture just as David catches her and think, “She’s so courageous.”

This little 15-month old made me a mom. On Mother’s Day, I thought of all of the things she has taught me about living life.

lessons from my daughter


My daughter does anything and tries anything. She has no fear. She doesn’t doubt her own abilities, or at least trusts that someone will be there to help her when she asks for it. Everything she does she throws herself into with full force. She tries new foods, meets new people, goes new places. There is no hesitation in her.


My daughter says, “Hi!” to everyone. It doesn’t matter what they look like, smell like, or even if they make eye contact with her. She’s happy to greet them, and loves it when they return the gesture. One of her gifts is the ability to make even the grumpiest looking people smile. She changes peoples’ days. She doesn’t judge them or snub them or feel better or worse than them, but treats them all the same. She’ll occasionally glance at me to make sure she’s safe, but as long as I’m there, is willing to give anyone a shot.


Everything my daughter does is done with her whole effort. Throw a fit? Check. Pull out all the stops. Play with your toys. Check. Play until you drop. Read a book. Check. Read it over and over with the same enthusiasm every time. Eat. Check. Fit as much food in your mouth as you can as fast as you can. Done eating. Check. Throw everything else on the floor before anyone can stop you. Do everything with 100% effort.

Take Care of Yourself

My daughter never hesitates to ask for what she needs. If she wants sleep, she wants it now. She’s always hungry and willing to eat. I’ve learned from her that a schedule goes a long way down the self-care path. She eats every three hours, always gets her energy out, and sleeps 12 hours at night. When she takes care of herself, we’re all happier. She counts on me to keep her going. She expects me to be there to feed her, help her get ready for bed, and make sure she’s clean. She trusts that I’ll help her meet her needs.

Be Prepared

My daughter has taught me that the day that there’s no wipes in the diaper bag is the best day for a blowout. When I’m prepared, we are all happier. We need to make sure that we have a constant supply of snacks, an extra outfit, sunblock, jacket, wipes, diapers, water, you get the picture, on hand. When we don’t have something, we’ll definitely need it. Being prepared pays off.

Become As a Little Child

When I think about these things from my perspective, I can’t help but think about the perspective of our Heavenly Parents. They have promised us that we will never suffer alone. In their wisdom, They made a plan, and because of that plan a Savior has been provided for us, and we have been given the Holy Ghost. Our Savior, our brother and friend, atoned for us and promises, “[…] I will go before your face. I will be on your right hand and on your left, and my Spirit shall be in your hearts, and mine angels round about you, to bear you up” (D&C 84:88). And in The Guide to the Scriptures, we are told, “It is the right of every worthy baptized member of the Church to have the constant influence of the Holy Ghost.” We can count these people and this plan.

This plan was given by our Heavenly Parents because they want us to succeed. Together with Christ and the Holy Ghost, they are on our side. They want to see us live our lives with courage, kindness, and enthusiasm. They will be behind us to save us before we plunge ourselves into the depths of life. If we take care of ourselves and prepare ourselves properly, we will be able to have them in our lives always. There will be no need for fear, hatred, doubt, apathy, or self-deprivation.

We will be able to thrive and grow and learn.

We will finally become like a little child.


Rachael lives in Portland, OR with her husband and daughter. In her spare time, she teaches online university courses, reads, cooks, and cycles.

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