Attack of the ‘Bots


The Missing Day For those of you keeping score at home, you noticed that for the first time since Added Upon launched in 2017, there was not a blog entry on a Tuesday.

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Peace Like a River


Calming the Storm In Part 1 we talked about Jesus calming the storm for the frightened apostles. But just before doing that, He asked them, "Why are ye fearful, o ye of little

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Find Your Voice and Speak Up!


The Voice of the Crow(No, that that Crowe.) My home ward, the ward of my youth, is the same ward that poet, actress, and author Carol Lynn Pearson belongs to.  She wrote the script

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Jesus Calms the Storm, Part 1


Jesus Calms the Seas In Mark 4:36-41  and Matthew 8:23-26  we find the account of Jesus calming the stormy seas. Of course there is great peace in this story - the idea that

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