USE ME: Woman of God Sheri Dew Quote

Sheri L. Dew has been calling out for us Women of God to step up and step out in the light for years now. It feels like more and more of us are catching the fire. Does it seem that way to you?

Call me overbearing. Call me quirky. Call me crazy, if you will. But I LOVE WHO I AM! I love the Come Follow Me program where all of us can be on the same page and build and lift and edify each other. I love that women of God all over the world are stepping into the light, lifting their voices, and making their powerful faith known. And I love telling everyone that this is a great time to be living and be a faithful woman.

So here’s my contribution: a lovely little meme (with the Pantone 2019 Color of the Year – ha ha ha) for you to post wherever and however you’d like.



About the Author:

Anna calls herself a professional juggler – juggling a marketing graphic design business, managing an apartment complex, writing two novels, and rearing two awesome kidlets. She is a regular contributor to Added Upon, and currently works with the young women at church.