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Laura will be the first to tell you she’s not perfect. That’s why she loves the restored gospel, and loves the atonement.

The Prophets Are Calling Us


General Conference Rumors Rumors are swirling about changes that may be announced from the pulpit in this next General Conference. It only makes sense, since in the first General Conference where President Nelson

The Prophets Are Calling Us2018-10-15T13:48:45-07:00

“Saints,” Initial Impressions


I received an email some months ago from the church about a soon-to-be released book about the history of the church. I rolled my eyes – not out loud, of course, because that would be

“Saints,” Initial Impressions2018-09-20T21:42:50-07:00

The Parable of the Donated Clothes


The Parable Mary's husband was unexpectedly deployed to Iraq. With six children ranging from 2 to 11 years old, her ward stepped in to help her out as much as possible in her

The Parable of the Donated Clothes2018-09-17T21:52:13-07:00

Three Thursday Favorites


September 14, 2017 Some Thoughts on Grace I saw this quote from Brad Wilcox: “Jesus walked on the water, but mortality was not designed to enable us to walk on water. It was designed

Three Thursday Favorites2017-09-13T21:47:43-07:00

On Being Made Whole


Reach for the Savior The other day just after closing my "official" morning prayer, my gaze lifted to this picture on my dresser. It's by the talented Liz Lemon Swindle. In it, we

On Being Made Whole2017-08-16T20:44:13-07:00

When Complaining Isn’t Enough


Complaints vs Questions Part of my (not-so-) glamorous job is to help clients with one of their software applications they use on a daily basis to log their work projects and time. Sometimes

When Complaining Isn’t Enough2017-08-07T22:10:44-07:00

Puzzle Pieces of a Beautiful Life


Life Is a Puzzle Sometimes life feels like a giant puzzle. Remember puzzles? A jillion cardboard pieces  come in a box with a pretty picture on the cover. They seem to have no

Puzzle Pieces of a Beautiful Life2017-07-31T19:05:39-07:00

The Voice of the Shepherd


Different Voices There are a lot of different voices we have the option of listening to. Some are loud, others soft. There are words of truth, or "alternate facts." There is no shortage

The Voice of the Shepherd2017-07-17T21:58:07-07:00