On Being Made Whole


Reach for the Savior The other day just after closing my "official" morning prayer, my gaze lifted to this picture on my dresser. It's by the talented Liz Lemon Swindle. In it, we

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Puzzle Pieces of a Beautiful Life


Life Is a Puzzle Sometimes life feels like a giant puzzle. Remember puzzles? A jillion cardboard pieces  come in a box with a pretty picture on the cover. They seem to have no

Puzzle Pieces of a Beautiful Life2017-07-31T19:05:39-08:00

The Voice of the Shepherd


Different Voices There are a lot of different voices we have the option of listening to. Some are loud, others soft. There are words of truth, or "alternate facts." There is no shortage

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Happy “Independence” Day


Fourth of July July 4 is the day the United States of America celebrates its independence as its own country. There will be barbecues, parades and flag raising ceremonies. As the heat of

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Peace Like a River


Calming the Storm In Part 1 we talked about Jesus calming the storm for the frightened apostles. But just before doing that, He asked them, "Why are ye fearful, o ye of little

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Jesus Calms the Storm, Part 1


Jesus Calms the Seas In Mark 4:36-41  and Matthew 8:23-26  we find the account of Jesus calming the stormy seas. Of course there is great peace in this story - the idea that

Jesus Calms the Storm, Part 12017-07-10T21:02:50-08:00

Embrace Failure


Embrace Failure   Peter's Failure On the last night of Jesus' life, he tells Peter (in Matthew 26:33-34, 74-75) that Peter will betray Him before the sun rises the next morning. Peter cannot

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Grant Space for Mortals to be Humans


Mortals Are Human, Too "Certainly those who are less spiritually mature may indeed make serious mistakes—yet none of us should be defined only by the worst thing we have ever done." (2016–A:33, Kevin

Grant Space for Mortals to be Humans2017-07-10T21:21:36-08:00

Escape Routes and Flight Safety


Flight Safety and Escape Routes Flight Safety My brother is an accomplished pilot with some 50 years of experience under his belt. When I was young and he lived closer, I got

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