The Maze with No Exit


Help in Unexpected Ways The Maze Several years ago I attended a team-building retreat. During one of the activities, we - the participants - were blindfolded and placed inside a maze. We

The Maze with No Exit2017-07-10T21:24:29-07:00

The Power of Words to Create


The Power of Words The Power of Words in the Creation Process What power do words have? And what do words have to do with the the power of creation? First, the power

The Power of Words to Create2017-07-10T21:33:57-07:00

Ears to Hear


Ears to Hear Ears to Hear...Who? The battle from the pre-existence continues. It is an ongoing battle. It is not being fought in heaven, but all around you. And many times, it

Ears to Hear2017-04-03T13:13:16-07:00