When Complaining Isn’t Enough


Complaints vs Questions Part of my (not-so-) glamorous job is to help clients with one of their software applications they use on a daily basis to log their work projects and time. Sometimes

When Complaining Isn’t Enough2017-08-07T22:10:44-07:00

The Maze with No Exit


Help in Unexpected Ways The Maze Several years ago I attended a team-building retreat. During one of the activities, we - the participants - were blindfolded and placed inside a maze. We

The Maze with No Exit2017-07-10T21:24:29-07:00

When Prayers Feel Unanswered


When Prayers Feel Unanswered - Now What? A friend of mine recently told me that she was praying and praying, and while she was certain she knew God loved her, she didn't feel

When Prayers Feel Unanswered2017-07-12T11:16:53-07:00

Why Bother Praying?


If God Knows Everything... If it is true that God knows our needs (see Bible Dictionary, "Prayer,")  before we even ask for them - and I have no reason to doubt this, as

Why Bother Praying?2017-07-12T11:10:59-07:00