Three Thursday Favorites


September 14, 2017 Some Thoughts on Grace I saw this quote from Brad Wilcox: “Jesus walked on the water, but mortality was not designed to enable us to walk on water. It was designed

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I Got 99 Problems


Don't Pity Me. Really. Please Don't. (The following isn’t because I’m seeking pity or even sympathy. It’s merely explanatory, to give you context.)  Being a single woman is not easy. I’m not saying

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Getting to Know You: Sharon Eubank


New Counselor in the General Relief Society Presidency New General Relief Society Presidency During the Saturday afternoon session of General Conference, a new Relief Society presidency was sustained. I was surprised at

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Circus Life Lessons, Part 1


Juggling Acrobats     The Circus I saw a Broadway version of a circus the other night, called Circus 1903. (If it ever comes to a venue near you, go see it;

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Rise Up!


Take His Hand and Rise Up!   Gratitude for the Atonement Jesus testifies that the sacrifice that will be made when He atones and is crucified for our sins will be the very thing

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