A New Year of More


New Year's Resolutions New year's resolutions aren't really my thing. I don't believe in using one day a year to mark a new start to my life; I prefer to make a new

A New Year of More2019-01-01T20:38:23-08:00

Puzzle Pieces of a Beautiful Life


Life Is a Puzzle Sometimes life feels like a giant puzzle. Remember puzzles? A jillion cardboard pieces  come in a box with a pretty picture on the cover. They seem to have no

Puzzle Pieces of a Beautiful Life2017-07-31T19:05:39-08:00

Practice Makes Permanent


Quantity of Rehearsals vs. Performance Our stake had a Fourth of July program last week. One of the numbers was a difficult a capella arrangement of "Homeward Bound." (The arrangement we did was

Practice Makes Permanent2017-07-08T12:21:14-08:00