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  • valarywhite
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    As a teacher’s daughter, all of our major service projects were in summer and on weekends. When I moved to California, early in my marriage, we could serve at a farm as peach pickers and I would sign up for multiple days, take my children and buy a bushel to take home for eating, canning, and jam. Then the church divested most of the farms and that service project went away.

    We missed it. We would work at the local food pantry or Helping Hands projects, but they hardly ever scheduled them for summer. Then, at Girls’ Camp, my daughters and I learned how to make Rag quilts and we had a new project to work on. We could wash, iron and cut fabric squares ahead and make quilts at our own pace later. This kept us busy for quite a while. We experimented with different size squares, squares within other squares, colors, patterns, sizes, etc. But the same project can get boring after a few years and we lost momentum.

    We reached out to extended family for opportunities to help people move, drag, split and stack wood, help care for babies and young children, do family search or indexing, but we lost our big summer projects. So, I am asking, Sisters, what do you do with your selves or family to exemplify service? How can I get fired up again to serve?

  • Laura Pratt
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    (I’m just now seeing this post. My apologies for the tardy reply.)

    I know the relevance or focus of your question may have changed since you initially posed it, but I’m curious about ministering. “Ministering,” FKA visiting teaching. Has the implementation of this “new” program changed the opportunities to serve?

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