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Wondering about submissions? Here are a few answers to frequently asked questions.

What type of material are you looking for?2016-12-23T18:15:52-08:00

Have you been spiritually fed recently? Gained a new insight into what you thought was an old principle? What fills your spiritual cup? What are you excited about these days? You have an important voice in our community – share it with us! Sometimes we’ll ask for specific topics, but we are always interested in your own spiritual growth and development journey. 

But I’ve never written a blog entry before…2016-12-23T18:16:11-08:00

That wasn’t a question so much as an excuse you’re looking for. If you found your way to this page, you know you have something that needs to be shared. Go ahead and just write. Be yourself. Don’t worry about spelling or anything else – just write! We’ll help you edit and make any necessary revisions, and we will always get your final approval before we publish anything.

Are you going to pay me?2016-12-23T18:16:18-08:00

We hold competitions from time to time where you can win big, but for now, we don’t have the budget to pay you… yet. We do have plans for the future, though! Get your submissions in now and get priority for future publication opportunities. For now, you get the honor of telling your friends and family they can read about your spiritual adventures at Added Upon! 

What can you tell me about your review process?2016-12-23T18:16:26-08:00

Each submission is carefully reviewed. This is to protect you – to make sure we are true to your tone and story. We also strive to maintain a certain feel to our work here, and want to make sure it fits with the message of Added Upon. Additionally, there may be themes we start to see, and we can help your article get read more when we time it with other coordinated efforts.

Do you share my writing with anyone else?2016-12-23T18:16:37-08:00

Nope, it’s just for Added Upon website. We’ll get your written permission if there is any possibility for additional publication in the future. Your submission is exclusive to Added Upon, so we don’t allow reposting of the same article to your blog or another site, although we do encourage you to post a link to the guest article on your own blog.

When will the article be published?2016-12-23T18:16:55-08:00

This depends on how long it takes us to review any revisions with you, as well as managing other submissions in our queue. We will send you our proposed publication date as soon as we know it. 

Okay, it’s published! Now what?2016-12-23T18:17:07-08:00
  • You will need to read and answer readers’ comments.  Having you, the guest author, respond to comments continues to make the Added Upon experience personal and meaningful. 
  • We’d love for you to  promote your post on social media sites such as Twitter, Facebook, or Pinterest.
  • You should post a link to your guest article on your own blog or website to inform your readers about your article.


Do I get final say over how the article looks?2016-12-23T18:17:01-08:00

All submissions may be edited, but nothing will be published without your final approval. We’ll also work with you on which images to use.

Yes, and?2016-12-23T18:17:13-08:00

Oh, you know how much we at Added Upon love this question!

Our community is made up of real women living in the real world, dealing with the same issues you and other readers face every day. Your story is unique and simultaneously universally applicable. We want you to tell your story, and get it heard. You’re one of us. Get started now!


Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have additional questions.
We’d love to chat with you.